How To Customize Quarantine Report
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If you need to translate quarantine reports or customize that to company's politics, it's possible by editing "lang.xml" stored in Icewarp root folder\html\challenge\lang\en



How to

  • In mentioned file find line 19 which might be like this one:

    <ITEM id="title" value="Icewarp Spam report" />

    So this is first line of Quarantine report variables. Last line for this case is n.45
  • Translate that by editing VALUE part not ID, it's necessary for Icewarp to identify which field is that.

As you can see, there are also two rows, where no value is. These rows, named intro and outro are fully for customizing reports for example by adding company name etc, where intro will be displayed on top of report and outro at it's end.

  • Try to change few lines and check that to avoid possible problems
  • After all lines will be changed, save lang.xml and changed Quarantine reports are ready for use.
  • As you can see, not only line n.45 could be the last line which has changed. You can change also other lines to customize or translate interface on your demand.

I'd like to show our comany's name at the top of each quarantine report to "IceWarp Icewarp ltd."

line will look like this:
<ITEM id="intro" value=" IceWarp Icewarp ltd. " />


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