IMAP Private Folders
Posted by Gary, Last modified by on 27 May 2008 07:37 PM

IMAP private folders

This feature can be used only when accessing by IMAP into Icewarp. When you need to share data, emails, contacts etc. with any of your colleagues or other users of Icewarp mail server, this great feature will help you.

1. create a group with members which have to be able to access IMAP folder

Create a new group, define name of group and than move to private folder section of tab. There enter name of private folder, default rights (rights which will have every new user until they will be changed manually to him). And also set if you would like to create contacts with all members of group and if email sends to group's email have to be sent to every member alone or one copy stored in this private folder.

Creation of group

As you can see above, I've defined a group named "developers" where all mails sent to will be stored in this private folder and also I'd like to have all members contacts in groupware.

Now, I'll show you how to configure whole process of private folder.

Select members of group and set their rights for folder (as shown below). As you can see, not only one domain members can be added. You can add any account from Icewarp Mail server.

Selecting members of group

In Options tab you can define password protection of private folder if needed.

As you can see below, after saving settings, new folder has been automatically created in webmail and contacts of other members have been created.

Now, you can add new event, task and use any other groupware functions on "group" level. All changes will be displayed to all members of group.

Groupware contacts of private folder members

You can, as I've written, use private folder also to share files with members of group. Just create (login as owner) new folder with type File and upload files.
Files to share in private folder

Most of these functions are able not only in webmail, but also in any other IMAP browser like MS Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. The account but have to have enabled IMAP access and have to be set to IMAP gateway of Icewarp Mail server. MS Outlook don't support File type of folder, but there are many ways how to access it other way than webmail such TotalCommander's IMAP plugin or Mozilla Thunderbird fully supports File type of folder.

Contacts in private folder in MS Outlook

That's all about private folders in Icewarp Mail server. Just enjoy this powerful tool.