Translating / changing Icewarp generated errors msgs like disk quota limit in strings.dat
Posted by Gary, Last modified by on 27 May 2008 07:31 PM


  • Icewarp generates messages our users don't understand. We would like to translate that.
  • Icewarp generates messages we'd like to change.


It is possible to translate/change text of Icewarp generated messages. Note that this does not include complete error messages, as these come from remote systems. However, you can even translate part of error messages that your users will see, except the response itself, which comes from the remote mail server.

For example, if you want to change the message which is sent when user reaches x% of his disk quota (set in Global settings/Domains/Warn users when mailbox size exceeds quota), go to System/Advanced/Translation, shown below.

Click on the Strings translation button and copy which text you want to translate from the top file (comment/example) to the bottom part, which is actually the file Icewarp/config/strings.dat.

Icewarp -> System -> Advanced -> Translation

Translate/customize as needed, just be careful to keep same syntax and not remove %s whenever it is shown.

In the case of disk quota, the variables are:

stWarningSpace = 'Warning: mailbox close to limit/quota'
stWarningSpaceText = 'Your mailbox is close to its limit/quota. Please empty your mailbox or you will not be able to receive new messages.'

Close and save the file you are editing and restart SMTP (Mail Service/SMTP Service/right click restart) and strings.dat will be used.