How To Configure PSI Client
Posted by Gary, Last modified by on 27 May 2008 07:13 PM

Instant Messanger



This article will walk you through setting up your IM account using the PSI Instant Messaging Client. To successfully setup an account in PSI, please ensure that the IceWarp Control and Instant Messaging Services are running. 


How to


  1. Obtain the PSI (IM client) by downloading it from the following website:

    Note: The installation process is simple, follow the instructions of the setup wizzard.

  2. After the installation, the PSI Client will automaticaly launch.

  3. Enter a name for your account and click "Add". Make sure you do not check the option to "Register a new account"

  4. In the Accounts tab, enter your Jabber ID (full email address) and your password.

  5. In the Connection tab, check the option to "Manually Specify Server Host/Port", enter it in the "Host:" field beneath and click "Save" (Your email administrator can provide this information)

  6. Once the account has been successfully added, you can change your status to "Online" and become available to send/receive chats

  7. You will get a "Server Authentication" dialog box, make sure you click on "Trust this Certificate"

  8. To add a contact to your roster, simply click on the General button, select "Add a Contact"

  9. In the dialog box, enter the Jabber ID (full email address) of the contact and click "Add" at the bottom