How to Share Contacts and Calendars
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This article shows how to configure calendar events and contacts sharing, if you want to share them with your friends or everybody.


NOTE: Calendar and contact information cannot be shared separately. If you share your calendar, you will also share your contacts, and vice versa.

To share calendar and contacts, you will need to:

  • Set the Sharing setting for the calendar.
  • Select the friends you wish to allow access to you calendar.
1. Setting the Global Sharing Settings

In WebMail, select Settings -> Calendar Settings:

NOTE: The Sharing setting selected here overrides any sharing set for particular event/task/note/contact.

If 'Private' is selected nothing will be shared even if a particular event/task/note/contact has sharing set to private.

If 'Friends' is selected, then only accounts that you specify as Friends may view the entries.

If 'Friends & private' is selected, then friends will have access and, if the private calendar option is enabled on the server, the private URL will be available at the address specified.

2. Selecting your Friends

Click the My Friends link (below the private URL in the above graphic.) The Add Friends dialog will open.

You can click the Address Book button to add users from your address book or you can type the address directly into the text box.

Select the Calendar privilege for the user (described below) and click the Add button.

Repeat for all your Friends.

WebMail Add Friends

There are three types of privilege which may be assigned to a Friend:




private entries and "Show as Busy" Events are shared.


View and modify all entries except those marked as private.

Add entries.

Full Control

View and modify all entries.

Add entries.

Accounts assigned appropriate permissions may use either WebMail or Outlook to show agenda.


All these settings can be also done in Icewarp Outlook Connector menu.