How to Create a New Webmail Language
Posted by Gary Garber on 27 May 2008 06:40 PM

WebMail already supports a lot of different language versions but perhaps there is not the one you want to use. You can simply translate the complete WebMail interface and create the language version you need. You can also then contact us so we can add this new language version to WebMail.


  1. Open the languages.html file in <Icewarp>\html\mail\ folder and add a new line in the format:

    $lang_settings["Japan"] = "Japanese;lang/jp/";

    Japanese will be shown in the pull-down menu in language option and lang/jp/ is the path to the folder where the translated constants should be stored.

  2. Make copy of any source language folder (e.g. English - <Icewarp>\html\mail\lang\en).
  3. Rename it to fit the path you set in: languages.html
  4. Open both files included in the copied folder (helpinclude.html and constants.html) in some text editor and translate all text strings.
  5. Now you can log-in to WebMail and choose Japanese in settings as your language.