How do I re-build the Anti-Spam database?
Posted by - NA -, Last modified by on 12 May 2008 03:02 PM

OS: Windows/Linux; IceWarp Server Version: 11/10


There are times when the Anti-spam database can become corrupt, through one reason or another. It is, at this time that it is recommended that you start the Database from scratch. However, we know that it is important to not lose all the white list and black list items that you already have, so below are the steps needed to re-build and then migrate the old data to the new database.



  1. Go to Anti-Spam > General > DB settings and either take a screen shot or write down the information listed there (you will want this information later)
  2. Stop the Anti-Spam module and close the IceWarp Administration Console. 
  3. Go to the install folders and rename \<icewarp_dir>\spam to \<icewarp_dir>\spam_old
  4. Run the IceWarp installation file again

Now, the Anti-Spam has been recreated. To recreate your data you will need to use the Database Migration tool in the console.

  1. Create a new database that will store your existing data, or if you use SQLite you may use the default antispam file, \<icewarp_dir>\spam\antispam.db.
  2. Go to System/Tools/Database Migration
  3. Select the database to be migrated.
  4. In the Source DSN section enter the details of your existing database discussed in step 1.
  5. In the Destination DSN section enter the details of your newly created database.

   6.  Once you do this, click on the "Start Migration" button located on the bottom.


Note that if you're using MSSQL you must also configure your ODBC DSN settings that point to your newly created database.