Antivirus updates don't work - what should I do?
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Antivirus updates troubleshooting



The most likely causes for this problem are:

  • Control service is not running
  • a non-working internet connection
  • incorrect proxy settings
  • incorrect firewall settings

You should check the following:

  • Is the Control Service running? If not, start it in the Services node.
  • Is your internet connection working?
  • Your Firewall should not block access to the URLs listed in: \Icewarp\Avast\Setup\Servers.def
  • Has your license expired? You need a valid license for the AntiVirus updates to work.



Very popular and not so "drastic" as whole Icewarp reinstallation, solution of this problem is to delete "avast" folder in Icewarp root folder and reinstall Icewarp Mail server. This solution helps in most cases.

If you are still having problems you should contact your Support Team.

As a last resort, you could re-install whole Icewarp Email Server.


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