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Product Evalution Basics
Posted by Gary Garber, Last modified by Michael Filip on 22 July 2014 05:58 AM

Product Evalution Basics


To try before you buy, we offer 30 day, full-featured, evalution version of IceWarp Server included with the download. This article deals with its features, limitations and answers related questions.


Evalution license has all the features available for 200 users and 30 days. Domains are unlimited, as with all our licenses. All advanced options are enabled. To test migrate more than 200 users, you can ask your sales representative to increase the number of users on your evaluation license.


  • When you decide to keep the software, you will only need to enter a valid license.
  • No reinstallation is required, all settings and data remain in place.


  • The evaluation will only work on a server where there was no copy of Icewarp installed in the past.
  • If you access the Administration Console, you will be presented with an alert saying how many days are left of the trial.
  • After 30 days, you won't be able to change any settings or create new users. You might simply forgot that the software is not licensed as it is running neatly and requires no daily maintenance. To minimize impact to your users, there's an additional 30 day period until the services are stopped.
  • After 60 days from installation, services are stopped and it would only help to reinstall with a valid license to get back on track.


  • What happens after the free period is over?

After 30 days the mail server (POP3/IMAP/SMTP) will still work, WebClient will cease to function showing Unregistered at the login screen, and no further configuration changes will be possible to save in the Administration console.
After further 30 days (60 days from installation) the software will cease to function and services won't start.


  • When should I obtain the full license if I want to keep the software beyond the 30 days?

When the 30 day period is over, Administration Console is locked down and there's no simple way to enter the license. You should therefore obtain the license within these 30 days, on the 30th day at the latest to be able to easily activate the software.

  • How to enter the license when the Administration Console is not accessible?

Run the installer and provide a valid Order ID under Activate License... button.

  • Is it possible to extend the trial license?

E-mail us at or contact your local vendor. Specify the reason why you need to trial another 30 days and include the Order ID (TRLyyyymmdd) from Help > Licenses.

  • How to try out a module if I have a live license?


There are always a few days to try any module after you have renewed your license (on the recent Order ID). Secondly, each user can access any of the services for a period of 7 days, even services which you are not licensed for or those with an expired trial. Double-click the module in Help - Licenses to see which users have already used up their 7 day trial.

You can request to prolong your evaluation licenses at Include your current Order ID or attach license information exported as XML.

You should have some Renewal period left on your existing licenses as you need to be running the the latest version to properly evaluate current functionality.

  • Where do I find what number of accounts I need to acquire the correct license?

For basic overview see Help - License dialog, Used Seats column. See also Status - Volume - Global - Number of Users. Number of accounts within a domain can be found under Management node. Select the domain and switch to Info tab.
Please note that the total number of accounts for mail server includes non-user types of accounts as well (Mailing Lists, List Servers, Remote Accounts etc.) The license doesn't need to cover these special accounts, but there should be a spare for future growth.

You can find license and pricing options in the on-line purchase system on our website.

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