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How To Sign and Encrypt Messages Using The WebClient
Posted by Gary Garber, Last modified by Marek Puverle on 14 May 2015 08:09 AM

How to sign and encrypt emails

WebMail Pro supports personal SSL certificates. It allows you to send and receive encrypted and signed emails.

At first you need to supply your personal certificate in to your account. Your personal certificate will be used by WebMail to sign and encrypt emails.

Go to Options Menu > Acounts > Private Certificate tab. Click on the "Upload" button, and add your private certificate.


Encryption Mails

The bottom window - "View" will show you some details about the certificate in human-readable format.

As next step is necessary to add public certificate to your contact in your Address Book. Navigate to your "Contacts" page, double click the contact that you want to use encryption, and navigate to "Certificates" tab. Here you can upload your ecrypted certificate. View it in human-readable text, and press OK.

Encryption Certificates

Now you can send encrypted email to the recipient. To do that compose a new message and before sending click Options. You can choose to Encrypt the message (only recipient with proper cert file will be able to read the message). The message can be also Signed (the message will be digitally signed and recipient will be able to verify the message is really from you)


Encrypted Mails Signature


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