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How to Set IceWarp to Fulfill the License Requirements (e.g. license for 50 users only)
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You may get an error from Icewarp indicating that the number of users for your license has been exceeded.

This can occur with add-ons you have purchased which have their own specific licenses for a restricted number of users.

In the Licenses dialog, a special flag is shown by the add-on product for which you have set more users than the license allows.

Config - License - Main Dialog

The number in the Accounts column will show how many users you have this engine licensed for. If you have more users set to use the engine than you are licensed for the number of extra users will be shown in the exceed column.

If your Access mode is not set to All Accounts then you can double-click a Product to see which accounts are set to use that Product.

You can decrease the number of users using a service via the Options tab of a Domain or a User.

The following screenshot shows the Services Access box for a domain. It shows that all users in this domain are using the Anti-spam, Anti-virus, Instant Messaging, and GroupWare Products.

Domains - Miscellaneous Tab - Service Access Section

If the checkboxes are grayed out and you can't check/uncheck them, you need to change access on global level.

Alternatively, you can upgrade your license to take your extra Users into account.

You can easily modify a range of Accounts by creating a Group Account containing the accounts you wish to modify and changing the setting for the Group.

You can also use the TOOL command to make multiple changes.

for example TOOL modify account *@* U_IM 0 would disable Instant messaging for all accounts

See the Administration Manual for further details

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